Mexicana $20.50
Chilli, beef, salsa, tomatoes and kidney beans served with sour cream.

Italiano $21.50
Bacon, mushroom, olives, salami and pesto

Vegetarian $19.50
Capsicum, feta cheese, olives, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes

Smoked Chicken $19.50
Chicken, brie cheese, avocado, Spanish onion and cranberry sauce

Meat Lovers $21.50
Steak, bacon, salami, mushroom, onions and tomato relish

Satay Chicken $19.50
Chicken, onion, satay sauce

Thai Prawns $19.50
Tiger prawns with red curry sauce and shallots

Margarita $16.50
Cheese, tomatoes, herbs

Seafood Pizza $25.50
Prawn, tuna, mixed seafood with red onion